by Petty Problems

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released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Petty Problems Siegen, Germany

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Track Name: parts

We're good until we wake up
And we look in the abyss
I know it's good for something
But I can't be a part of this

We love each other senseless
Until you go to work
You say that you like me
But I still feel like a jerk

What can I do? What can I do?
I'm completely at a loss when I'm with you

I am just parts of what you want
I am just parts of who I am
No instruction on how to fix this
I am just parts of what I want

You are my true companion
And my heart jumps when we kiss
It's not that I don't love you
But I can't be a part of this

I make up some stupid fight
To show that I still care
It might work well with others
But I'm incapable to share

What can I do? What can I do?... x2
I am just parts of what you want... x2
Track Name: pigeons in the snakepit

Cut my finger today
While I was thinking of you
I was waiting for the blood to spill the floor
But it would not bleed no more

Went to the hospital
And sat there waiting all day long
They put thousand needles through my skin
But I couldn't feel a thing

They threw a rope into my snakepit
I was too weak to drag or pull
I looked around for the first time to see
Just pigeons after all

I eat and drink all day
To fill me up with strength
But it keeps flowing out of me
From wounds I cannot see

As I was trotting home
A car hit me so hard
It broke every single bone in me
But I just walked back home to sleep

And all my friends asked me
“What the fuck is wrong with you?”
I saw their lips moving around
But I couldn't hear a sound

They threw a rope into my snakepit...

I eat and drink all day... x2
Track Name: abbreviations

What’s that stench in your room
Magazines lie everywhere
You were so keen to consume
The books let you unaware

Irritations from strange narrations
And your mind’s just an essay
Abbreviations of generations
But it doesn’t work this way

But what are you gonna do
When your world is about to crack
And what are you gonna say
When your cave's going to collapse

Thought about the next ten years
Dreaming of Napoleon
Raving on every single fear
And the shit goes on and on and on

Bedroom’s waiting, silent, brown
No time for intensive care
All the posters coming down
You don’t dare to sleep tonight

So what are you gonna do...
Track Name: crumple up the paper

Under the old tree
crippled by the flash
On the brittle bench,
where all our dreams got hashed
On the sidewalk,
puke’s running down the drain
I said I’m sorry,
let’s try it out again

Back last summer
and on our way to Rome
Cooking in the car all day,
our hearts still caged at home
Under the Colosseum,
the tourists going mad
I was counting all the chances
and restarts we just had

But when the day was over,
the hotel’s cheap and shabby
Sleeping with you side by side,
´s like living in an abbey
They say home is where the heart is,
But mine seems never home
Wish I had the guts to follow,
Wherever it may roam

In the green garden,
false promises were made
Birds looking for a place to sleep,
before it is too late
Nobody had told us
that love could be so cruel
But if we think about it,
we know we were both fools

Standing on a bridge,
above a river with no name
Read your pathetic letter,
which you wrote so full of shame
So many words,
And so little to say
I crumpled up the paper
and threw that shit away

Cos when the day was over...